Talking About Math

Communication is an important part of any learning process. Student communication includes the sharing of ideas through discussion and dialogue, articulating and reflecting on math concepts and strategies.

Providing opportunities for dialogue, articulation, and reflection throughout the learning process improves student engagement, motivation and academic achievement.

Engaging Parents in Student Learning

Research demonstrates that parental engagement in a child’s education enhances academic achievement. Teaching students communication skills about math specifically can serve as the catalyst for engaging parents in the learning process with their children. Effective parental engagment focuses on activities that support student learning. These activities include:

  • Setting expectations regarding homework, organization and academic achievement
  • Discussing approaches and strategies for learning
  • Encouraging their children to take responsibility for their own success
The Disconnect

It is not the natural tendency of kids to talk about math… especially if they struggle when learning math. As a result, trying to engage in the learning process with their child can be a challenging endeavour for many parents. The additional pressures of time, daily schedules and familiarity with subject material can hinder parents from engaging in their child’s learning.


The Get It Guide Math Tutorials

  • Help students to achieve a deeper understanding of math concepts and strategies.
  • Encourage students to approach learning math as a step-by-step process that involves misconceptions, making and overcoming errors.
  • Promote student communication.
  • Facilitate parental engagement.
  • Motivate students to develop learning goals, and to assess and reflect on themselves as mathematical learners.
  • See Sample Tutorials in Math Topics
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