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What is the focus of math homework?

Math homework assignments tend to be achievement oriented. The focus is on students mastering and developing procedural fluency within a particular set or type of math problem.  Students measure their ability by successfully completing most or all of the problems.

For students who struggle when learning math, such homework assignments can become overwhelming tasks of trying to do something they do not yet understand. Frustration and feelings of helplessness can eventually lead to an avoidance of math all together.

Proving One’s Ability vs.
Improving One’s Ability

Should homework allow students to benefit from their effort, not just their ability to achieve the correct answers?

Instead of proving their ability by attempting to complete a page of math problems they cannot yet solve, students can instead focus on improving their ability by analysing, explaining, justifying and reflecting on their approach to solving a math problem.

Get It Guide Math Tutorials use effective questions to deconstruct and break down a math problem into simpler steps. Students work through the problem step-by-step; determining the solution steps they understand and identifying any solution steps they do not feel confident performing.

The Get It Guide™

Math Tutorials as Student Homework

Have your students match the type of math problem they
have been working on in class using the list of math topics and subtopics.

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Effective Questioning

Teachers use effective questioning strategies to…

  • Guide student thinking related to a math problem, concept or skill
  • Assess student knowledge and any gaps in knowledge that will prevent students from solving a problem successfully

The Get It Guide™ Math Tutorials will help you incorporate effective questioning strategies into student homework assignments.

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Promoting Student Discourse

Asking effective questions promotes student discourse. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) identifies asking good questions and promoting student discourse as an integral part of teaching and learning in the classroom. Encourage your students to develop their ability to think-aloud, discuss, articulate and reflect throughout the learning process.

The Get It Guide Math Tutorials will help you promote and infuse student discourse into your math homework assignments.

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Engaging Parents in Student Learning

Research clearly demonstrates that parental engagement in a child’s learning improves academic success. Research into parental engagement at the junior high level tells us that activities that focus on student learning (but not directly teaching) have the greatest positive impact on academic success. This is especially true for mathematics, in which learning is sequential and increasingly complex over the years, causing weaker learners, and often their parents, to approach this subject with trepidation and fear.

By using effective question strategies to promote student discourse,The Get It Guide™ Math Tutorials also help teachers facilitate effective parental engagement activities that support student learning at home.

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Reading in Mathematics

For many students, doing math means following algorithms, performing calculations, and hopefully getting correct answers. However, to be confident and successful doing math, students must also learn to analyze, interpret and summarize information made up of words, numbers and symbols. The Get It Guide™ Math Tutorials provide teachers opportunities to help students practice and develop their skill in becoming effective readers of mathematical text. 

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Writing in Mathematics

Communication is an important part of learning. When students discuss, articulate and reflect on their learning, learning is enhanced. Communication also includes writing. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) acknowledges writing as an essential part of exploring and learning mathematics. The Get It Guide™ Math Tutorials help teachers incorporate writing into mathematics homework. 

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Sample writing activity – Simplifying an Expression by Combining Like Terms

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