Solving Math Problems…
One Conversation at a Time.

Student Learning at Home

Get it Guide Math tutorials are free supplementary learning resources you can share with your students and their families.

Get it Guide tutorials connect classroom learning with strategies students can use to keep their learning moving forward while at home.

The tutorials use effective questions, similar to what you might ask in class, to deconstruct the solutions to math problems into smaller more manageable steps.

The focus for students is to practice various communication skills as strategies for effective learning. When students are encouraged to read aloud, think aloud, explain and teach their understanding of a new concept they reinforce their understanding.

Using communication skills as part of how they learn will provide students with more opportunities for self-assessment. Students will be better equipped when returning to the classroom with specific questions regarding gaps in their knowledge.

Getting students to communicate about the math they are learning provides opportunities for parents to share in discussions about learning with their child.

Learn to Communicate… Communicate to Learn

Connect your students and their families to the Get it Guide Math tutorials using your teacher page or school resource page.

See below for more information on helping your students continue learning while at home and providing families opportunities to support learning.

Effective Questioning

Teachers use effective questioning strategies to…

  • Guide student thinking related to a math problem, concept or skill
  • Assess student knowledge and any gaps in knowledge that will prevent students from solving a problem successfully

The Get It Guide™ Math Tutorials will help you incorporate effective questioning strategies into student homework assignments.

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Promoting Student Discourse

Asking effective questions promotes student discourse. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) identifies asking good questions and promoting student discourse as an integral part of teaching and learning in the classroom. Encourage your students to develop their ability to think-aloud, discuss, articulate and reflect throughout the learning process.

The Get It Guide Math Tutorials will help you promote and infuse student discourse into your math homework assignments.

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Engaging Parents in Student Learning

Research clearly demonstrates that parental engagement in a child’s learning improves academic success. Research into parental engagement at the junior high level tells us that activities that focus on student learning (but not directly teaching) have the greatest positive impact on academic success. This is especially true for mathematics, in which learning is sequential and increasingly complex over the years, causing weaker learners, and often their parents, to approach this subject with trepidation and fear.

By using effective question strategies to promote student discourse,The Get It Guide™ Math Tutorials also help teachers facilitate effective parental engagement activities that support student learning at home.

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